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In addition to the regular on-going advice contained in MHM''s Continuous EMS and Renewable Energy Information Services, including the Email/Telephone enquiry line, MHM conducts various customised projects. Below a cross-section is given.

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+        CHINESE FORWARD AND REVERSE LOGISTICS MARKET OPPORTUNITY ASSESSED FOR MHM JAPANESE CLIENT – Utilising mainly research in Chinese, MHM’s project detailed top and mid-tier Forward and Reverse Logistics suppliers to the Chinese Consumer Electronics market.  MHM’s analysis was split by major Chinese region/province and supplier. 


More: See underlying researchChina Aftermarket and Reverse Logistics’


     Client Feedback:  Client pleased with understanding of competition in market where significant investment intended


+ CLIENT Optimum EMEA Data Centre MARKET Development Strategy Devised AND BEST PROSPECTS IDENTIFIED BY MHM  

Having secured interview participation of 40 of Europe’s Top 200 Data Centre Technology and Operations Managers, who use Hosting and Data Centre Services, MHM identified where trends to Open Stack, Converged Infrastructure, SDN and other technologies were important and used this to help drive MHM’s client growth. 

More: Cloud and Data Centre Information, RFQ Generator

Client Feedback and Results: Client very pleased with the investment intentions ‘Heads Up’ MHM research provided , helped develop new customer dialogues on relevant topics

+ BEST BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROSPECTS IDENTIFIED FOR MHM’S ODM/EMS CLIENT MARKETING WHITE BOX AND OPEN SOURCE SYSTEMS - VIA IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES PLANNING INVESTMENT IN WHITE BOX AND OPEN SOURCE IN 2015 – This project enabled MHM’s client to focus on the ‘White Box & Open Source Adopters’ getting their systems well-known amongst EMEA Companies with purchasing intentions. 

More: MHM Computer, Storage and Server Information, RFQ Generator

Client Feedback and Results: Client provided with information to focus development effort on IT Departments with current White Box and Open Source investment intentions


+ CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE, MAINTENANCE & REPAIR SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES IDENTIFIED - MHM PINPOINTED THOSE EMEA COMPANIES VIEWING CONTRACT CHANGE AND SIGNIFICANT INVESTMENT IN 2015 – This project used Client Customised Consultancy on top of existing EMEA Hosting and Data Centre investment intentions survey material. Project identified key inefficiencies Data Centre Operators needed to correct, along with increasing Client Awareness and likelihood that MHM’s client will be used in planned investments.


More:  MHM Aftermarket Information, RFQ Generator


Client Feedback and Results: MHM’s Global Client was able to pinpoint, within EMEA, where fastest uptake of its services will be and hence minimise development resources.



+OPTIMUM INVESTMENT LOCATION IDENTIFICATION AND FOOTPRINT DEVELOPMENT ROUTE FOR ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING CLIENT IN CEE – Major work here included identification of labour costs, Electronics infrastructure and target sector OEM divestiture opportunities per target country.  MHM’s analysis resulted in a week’s tour round Acquisition, OEM divestiture and - in country of key interest - Greenfield analysis for comparison. More: Greenfield, Acquisition, EMEA


Client Feedback and Results: Client was very pleased with MHM low-cost start-up ‘OEM divestiture’, ‘Bite-size EMS’ and ‘Greenfield’ options developed by MHM.  Commented “Just what they wanted”



+IDENTIFICATION OF SERVICE RANGE DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL IN GLOBAL MEDICAL AFTERMARKET FOR MHM EMS CLIENT – Major work here, enabling ‘Enter/Not Enter’ decision and best strategy identification, included accurately sizing and forecasting captive and merchant Global Medical Device Aftermarket, while providing in-depth analysis of each major Global competitor’s activity, strengths and weaknesses. MHM’s ‘linear programming’ type analysis pinpointed best development strategy and where key development opportunities lie. More: Service/Product Development


Client Feedback and Results: Client confidently able to make enter/not enter decision and maximise use of scarce resources focusing on the aftermarket services most fruitful to develop first


+GLOBAL SET-TOP-BOX AFTERMARKET DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL AND STRATEGY FOR GLOBAL TOP 3 AFTERMARKET PLAYER – While pinpointing areas the client could develop most easily, MHM accurately sized and forecasted captive and merchant Global STB Aftermarket while giving in-depth analyses of each major Global competitor’s activity, strengths and weaknesses. Client’s sector development strategy optimised. More: Aftermarket Reports and Presentations


Client Feedback and Results: MHM’s Global top 3 Aftermarket client able to focus on best business for development and grow business faster with a realistic understanding of market opportunity





+OFFSHORE RENEWABLES ENERGY DEVICE AND COMPONENT SUPPLIERS INWARD INVESTMENT INTENTIONS STUDY PROMOTES CLIENT’S REGION WHILE IDENTIFYING MOST ATTRACTIVE INWARD INVESTMENT TARGETS AND THEIR PREFERENCES – Major work here involved selection and survey of 30 key Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy Device and Component Suppliers around the world, identifying investment intentions, regional preferences and opinion of client’s region. MHM’s RFQ Generator process, around the world, got the client’s region much better known for Offshore Renewables Activity. More: Development Corporation Services



Client Feedback and Results: Major results included newly stimulated interest and previously unplanned visits to client’s region by investment potential. Specific sub-sector developed with better understanding. Repeat business for MHM from client shows satisfaction




+ PROMOTION OF CLIENT'S SERVICES TO HIGH GROWTH MARKET SECTORS WHILE PINPOINTING BEST OPPORTUNITIES TO DEVELOP – Viewing quickly growing Wind Turbine, PV and Medical alongwith the stable Defence & Aerospace sector, MHM conducted Internet promotion alongwith telesales/research to significantly leverage good sales enquiries during a period of reduced market demand. - More : RFQ Generator/Order Intake Step Change

Client Feedback : Increased Client Awareness from 14 to 75 % and generated significant Sales Leads










+GLOBAL VENDOR APPRAISAL FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLE COMPONENT SUPPLIER – Reduced 10 potential suppliers to shortlist of three by applying MHM criteria in teleconference. Site visits followed on a project which optimised Supply Agreement conditions enabling secure and cost effective supply – More : Supply Chain Agreement Consultancy


Client Feedback : Best supply source identified and looking forward to much reduced problems.



+TALK AT AND PROMOTION OF CLIENT’S BUDAPEST SEMINAR TO ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS – To draw potential customers to this successful event - which focused on positively developing the current business climate - MHM created a topical presentation of interest and an ‘Internet Promotion’ campaign. More : RFQ Generator/Order Intake Step Change


Client Feedback : Successful event


+NEW FACILITY LOCATION CONSULANCY FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLE LITHIUM ION BATTERY SUPPLY CLIENT – Identified best CEE options to reduce manufacture cost whilst maintaining security of supply More: EMEA Footprint Expansions


Client Feedback : MHM supplied all the client required



+BALTICS CEE ‘NATION STATE’S ELECTRONICS SECTOR BOOSTED - MHM helps develop CEE Nation State’s Electronics sector, via opportunity identification and information provision, followed by promotion of key strengths, including Freeport facility and local Electronics companies capabilities – More : Development Corporation Services


Client Feedback : Well Received




+POLISH FACTORY EXPANDED FOR DEVELOPING MARKET - MHM formulates best Medical sector development strategy for client building a Global Medical R&D and manufacture network (50 development prospects interviewed). Future acquisitions targeted – More : Acquisition Consultancy


Client Feedback : Advice accepted and additional commissions



+CEE SUPPLY CHAIN EXPANDED - Project optimising CEE Communications Infrastructure Supply Chain for Global major Comms OEM - 8 major elements (mechanical and electronics) – More : Supply Chain/Agreement Consultancy


Client Feedback: Broader management consensus and strategy achieved with MHM analysis 



+SOLD TO BEST SUITOR IDENTIFIED BY MHM – MHM provided clients with full technical analysis regarding which competitors, around the world, would fit best with clients company. 100% ownership sold to identified suitor from outside the region – More : Disposals Consultancy


Client Feedback : Client retired with shares and cash



+GERMAN MARKET DEVELOPMENT - MHM advises on best route to expand European business via interview discussions with 50 OEMs in Germany/Austria/Switzerland, including best acquisition prospects identification – More

Client Feedback : Advice appreciated and taken but risk averse HQ back-burnered project, action 2 years later!



+SUPPLY CHAIN FOR NOTEBOOK PCs IMPROVED IN BENCHMARKING PROJECT - MHM identifies "Best in Class" Notebook PC Supply Chain for Top 3 Global Notebook Brand Name – More : Supply Chain/Agreement Services


Client Feedback : Pleased with MHM analysis 



+CEE NATION STATES ELECTRONICS SECTOR BOOSTED - MHM conduct Opportunity Assessment Seminars for Electronics Design & Manufacture Suppliers - for Nation State Client - at Prague and Brno - Best Trade and Inward Investment strategy identified for region – More : Development Corporation Services

Client Feedback : Client and Local Nation State Electronics companies satisfied





+GLOBAL TOP 3 COMMS OEM R&D COST REDUCED, VIA DESIGN CENTRE DISPOSAL & INDIA/CHINA OUTSOURCING - Major Communications Brand Name outsourcing project - IP/Dect/Desktop Phone Design outsourced in India & China, including software – More : Supply Chain/Agreement Consultancy

Client Feedback : Client commented MHM one of few reputable consultancies capable of such work, repeat business later



+STEP-CHANGE INCREASE IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FOR MHM CLIENT - Global multi-sector customer perception survey of client - adjustments made following feedback – More : Service/Product Development

Client Feedback : ‘MHM got all Management on the same page with regard to customer service performance – previously significant difference of opinion’




+CHINESE COMPLEX ELECTRONICS ACQUISITION - MHM project views establishing Manufacture in China with result being acquisition of US company with Chinese production - More : Via Success for Acquisition

Client Feedback : Before MHM consultancy China would not have been considered – significant change to thinking!




+€20M INVESTMENT SOLD TWO YEARS FOLLOWING FACILITY COMMISSIONING –24,000 Sq M CEE Electronics Assembly operation disposed of. Confidential brochure mailing to 7000 Electronics Manufacturers globally - More, More 2

Client Feedback : Surprised by buyer identity! All in-project performance targets met by MHM




+MHM advise Client not to build new facility More : Service/Product Development




+€100Ms OF NOKIA BUSINESS – Via Nokia supplier acquisition in MHM project which screened, ranked and introduced best prospects – More : Acquisition Consultancy


Client Feedback : Client recommended MHM to various other companies



+40% PA GROWTH MARKET ACCESSED VIA CEE ELECTRONICS ACQUISITION - MHM project targets deal for CEE site of major telecom OEM.  €600M profitable revenue stream created for Global EMS client in ‘Net Asset Value’ acquisition cost deal - More  


Client Feedback : Client said ‘A successful project which we would like to duplicate elsewhere’





+CHINESE BASE STATION SUPPLIER ACQUISITION PROSPECTS IDENTIFIED - EMS Client provided with shortlist of most attractive Chinese manufacturing asset acquisition potential (+ Chinese base station manufacture supplier tour) – More : Acquisition Consultancy

Client Feedback : Pre-MHM consultancy China would have been unthinkable




+MHM CLIENT DISPOSAL PRICE PUSHED OVER $100M MARK WITH MHM CREATIVE EXPANSION PROSPECTS ANALYSIS – Analysis of Global expansion prospects, presented during disposal negotiations, helped increase perceived value for this Nordic Owner Run Business.   More : Disposal Services


Client Feedback : Client very pleased with sale price



+€100M PA SET-TOP BOX SUPPLY AGREEMENT – Secured by client in Nordic region using MHM information – More : RFQ Generator/Order Intake Step Change


Client Feedback : Client mentioned that this significant business would not have been developed had it not been for MHM’s analysis


... 1989

+LOSS MAKING LSE QUOTED SUBCONTRACTOR SOLD - MHM arranges sale of LSE quoted Electronics Subcontractor to the Olivetti Group.   More : Disposal Services


Client Feedback : Client happily paid success fee – a small fraction of losses accumulating



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