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MHM has significant experience in the confidential assessment of the optimum acquisition prospects,often in quickly growing sectors, such as Energy.  For example:


„  ANALYSIS OF BEST CEE PROSPECT FOR ACQUISITION OF ENERGY STORAGE OPERATION - MHM targets potential acquisition locations for client


Sector :   Energy

Region:   CEE


„  INCREASED HIGH GROWTH MARKET REVENUE AND NEW BLUE CHIP CUSTOMER ACCESSED IN ACQUISITION DEAL - MHM targets and arranges CEE Electronics Manufacturing acquisition for Global Top 5 EMS in ‘Net Asset Value’ deal yielding €100M’s of profitable revenue


Sector :   Energy/Power

Region:   Europe


„  40% PA GROWTH ACCESSED VIA CEE ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING ACQUISITION - MHM project targets deal for CEE site of major Comms OEM.  €600M profitable revenue stream created for Global EMS client in ‘Net Asset Value’ acquisition cost deal - More


Sector :   Communications

Region:   CEE


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„  EUROPE MULTIPLE ACQUISITIONS POTENTIAL IDENTIFIED - MHM identifies requirements to develop the Client's European market - detailing a multiple acquisition programme, identifying, screening, ranking and introducing best prospects while aiding due diligence process (40 development prospects interviewed) 


Sector :   Energy/Power and Other

Region:   Europe


„  GLOBALISATION POSSIBILITIES ENHANCED VIA ACQUISITION -Global Medical Design & Manufacture EMS network building Consultancy - building client's network, and value, via multiple acquisition possibility identification


Sector :   Medical

Region:   Europe and Global


„  CHINESE COMPLEX ELECTRONICS PRODUCTION ACQUIRED - MHM project established Manufacture in China - More : Via Success for Acquisition


Sector :   Optical Electronics

Region:   China



„  €100Ms OF NOKIA BUSINESS GAINED – Via Nokia supplier acquisition in MHM project which screened, ranked and introduced best prospects


Sector :   Communications Mobile Phone

Region:   Nordic


„  TOP PROSPECTS TO DEVELOP TARGET MARKET SECTOR VIA ACQUISITION IDENTIFIED - MHM identifies 10 CEE and West European Brand Name divestment opportunities for client


Sector :   Smartgrid and Other

Region:   CEE


„  TOP COMMUNICATIONS ACQUISITION PROSPECTS IDENTIFIED AND RANKED - MHM study ranks top 60 Comms manufacturing site acquisition prospects for Top 5 Global EMS


Sector :   Communications Infrastructure

Region:   Europe


„  CHINESE BASE STATION SUPPLIER ACQUISITION PROSPECTS IDENTIFIED - EMS Client provided with shortlist of most attractive Chinese manufacturing asset acquisitions.  Groundwork includes research plus 12 company visits in China (+ Chinese base station manufacture supplier tour)


Sector :   Mobile Phone Infrastructure

Region:   China


Resources MHM has available have been developed over 20 years, specifically for its "Design and Manufacturing Options" Consultancy.  Many projects utilise the following steps:


§  Acquisition strategy - including route and method

§  Analysis of best sectors and companies

§  Confidential company interviews

§  Points ranking and recommendations

§  Legal agreement structuring and negotiation advice


With its dedicated team MHM conducts a design or manufacturing acquisition/divestment project on average every three months.  Its Global 'contact network' is unparalleled.



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PDF Icon  MHM's Service Levels To Power Client's Acquisition Growth (28 Kb)

PDF Icon Electronics Design and Manufacture Supplier - Development Strategy Slides (124 Kb)

PDF Icon Outsource and Realise Cash For Your Enclosure Manufacturing Facility (364 Kb)

PDF Icon €100M-€1Bn Of Additonal East European Business VIa MHM Acquisition Consultancy Project (34 Kb)


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